Who We Are

In 2005 MassFX Creative Group was initially developed as a resource for small local business to print marketing collateral, corporate identities, and develop websites without having to research pricing with numerous vendors. We already had relationships in place to secure the best pricing.

Over the years we have increased our reach as well as our knowledge of building strategies and executing seamless programs for clients to the point we are now rebranding ourselves as MassFx Plus. We didn’t drop the ‘Creative’ we just added to ‘MassFX’.

We now focus on the bigger picture. Kind of like a building a house, we used to be the interior decorators, now we build the whole house so that its efficient and technologically adept. Our tenacity and pursuit to be the best has not changed. We want to develop the blueprint for your success.


Our Process

At MassFX Creative it’s not about a process or methodology or some magical roadmap…

– to your mission
– to your vision
– to your inspiration

We take your raw materials and build a blueprint to reach your desired destination. Every client is different and so is every project, each having its own nuances. So we take the time to understand your company, your values, and what is important to you in delivering your message.

What we do is not about us! We take the time and focus to craft a strategy Your success creates our success. Our hard work and efforts to exceed your expectations is proof that we will be a true asset to your organization. Don’t do business with us because you need what we offer. Do business with us because we believe what you believe.


Case Studies

Greater Fort Worth Real Estate Council – Event Marketing
The Greater Fort Worth Real Estate Council tasked MassFX with creating the image and brand for their annual Poker Run event that allows the Economic Development industry in Fort Worth to network with friends and new acquaintances in a fun and friendly atmosphere. We created the print and web ads, the invitations, and the decks of playing cards used for this strategic game.

Abox Packaging – Product Launch
Abox Packaging procured us to develop a strategy to introduce new print equipment to their existing and new clients. Abox planned an event for an equipment product launch. We developed an invitation and email marketing strategy to increase awareness of the event. The invitation was personalized and contained a QR code for RSVP via their mobile device. This would offer them the opportunity to select a timeslot. The email marketing campaign also introduced an RSVP button that would place you on a landing page to chose your timeslot as well as any guest that would be attending. We tracked and delivered daily reports to Abox Packaging to verify not only receipt of the e-blast, but when it was opened, if they RSVP, and what time slot was chosen. The event was fully booked and was a success.

Empire Roofing – Branding
Empire Roofing was in a growth stage when we introduced a rebrand. We reintroduced them to the marketplace with an upscale plastic business card, corporate identity, revamped sales tools, website facelift, mobile application, and trade show booths for each branch across the country. We are continuing to push the envelope with Empire Roofing with new ideas and concepts that allow them to set the standard for their industry.